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William Henry Richards - Saved by Hood

Bakery Car

William Henrys Richard's Car parked outside his Pastry Shop - Bakery in Nundah.

A Brisbane newspaper 27th June 1949

"A steel hood, recently installed by the owner, probably saved the lives of some of the seven people who were in a car which overturned in Sandgate Road, Boondall, at 5.10 p.m. yesterday. After being struck by another car, the car crashed on to its side, spun on the steel hood, and then crashed on to its other side. A man, three women, and three young children were in the car. The adults gathered the children, and crawled from the car uninjured, except for minor bruises and scratches.

The occupants were Mr. W. H. Richards, the driver, his wife, Jean, 35, and their three children, Peter two, Alwyn three, and Brian 11 months, all of Northgate, Miss Nora McGovern, 39, single, of Sapsford Street, Northgate, and Mrs. Maud Fulton, 60, of Carl Street, Thompson Estate. All were treated by Sandgate ambulance bearers and allowed go to their homes."

Maude Ethel Fulton - A sister to John Alwyn Richards

Alwyn aged three years is William Alwyn Richards

Bakery Car

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Brisbane Courier Mail
Monday 27 June 1949

Report of accident

Newspaper report of accident

Qld National Bank at Nundah - Closed 1943

Front view of the Queensland National Bank, Nundah branch, 1940. The Nundah branch operated from 7 October 1926 until 15 February 1943. Date 14 November 1940

Red Car

Brian, Billy and Peter C1949

Jean and three boys

Jean Billy Peter Brian C1948/9