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Freneau Park Whole School Photo

Freneau Park School Photo with Bishop Roper (Bishop of Toowoomba 1938 -1952)

Bishop WJ Brennan

(Bishop William Joseph Brennan 1953 - 1975)

Basil Roper

(Bishop Joseph Roper 1932-1952)

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Freneau Park Photos

Freneau Park Photos

OLSH Crest

Also known as

"O.L.S.H." - Our Lady of the Sacret Heart Junior College.

From the web site

"Our Crest expresses the origins, aims and spirit of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College.

The Latin motto – Regnet Christus – means ‘May Christ Reign’.  By our actions we live out Jesus’ love, and in doing so we bring peace, joy, justice and hope to our community.

The heart, placed centrally, signifies Jesus’ love:  the cross in the heart reminds us of love that perseveres:  the flames indicate the power of that love:  the crown symbolises the Kingdom of God.

The Latin initials for Our Lady – Domina Nostra – by their position close to the heart show Mary’s close relationship to Jesus."

 End of extract from

Freneau Park Rugby Union Football Team 1949

Freneau Park College Rugby Union Football Team Photo 1949 - Thanks to John Fitzgerald (Front Right)

Freneau Park College - Note from John Fitzgerald re Football Team

Some new photos from Cecilia Donohoe Nevasa Wandoan - Sister of Tom Donohoe.

"Peter, I am attaching a few photos from Freneau Park days taken early 60’s as Tom started there in 1961- I have put a caption at the bottom of each photo – may be of interest for your reunion.

Tom hopes to get there but as usual on the land it will depend on weather.

We would like to make contact with Michael Wheatley if he is attending.



Freneau Park

Freneau Park 02

Freneau Park 03

Freneau Park 06

Freneau Park 01

Freneau Park Pennants

Freneau Park Pennnants supplied by Pat Pobar

Freneau Park Pennants 01

Freneau Park Reign of Christ

Freneau Park Photos

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Freneau Park Rugby Team

Back Row:
Laurie Hughes, Tom Duff, Gary Hughes, Coach Mr. Clem Brunner, Paul Duane, Roger Carrigan, Unknown.
Middle Row:
Coleman, Michael O'Grady (or Darryl McNamara) , Andrew Maguire, Gerard Smith, Patrick Pobar, Toby O'Brien.
Front Row:
Laurie Carmody, Unknown (David Marchant?), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.


"Good to hear from you. I started there in 1957 in grade 2 so you (Peter Richards) were 3 grades ahead of me and 2 grades ahead of my brother Michael. You must have been in the same grade as Trevor Mc Govern who came from Chinchilla. I have a photo of a football team which I was in, it would have been taken 1958 or 1959. I am in it 2nd from the right in the middle row. The coach was a Mr Brunner who also gave us all our basin cut hair doos. In the back row on the l. h. side are the two Hughes brothers either side of Pat Duff I think. Laurie Carmody is on the far left on the bottom row and (Skinnie) Mc Guire is in the centre row third from the left. Do you know any of the others. I will see if I can dig up some other photos of interest. regards Pat."

Patrick Pobar

The following is from Gerald Smith 22/05/2014.

"I was at Freneau from  1954 till 1960 and then went onto Downlands in 1961 and left there in 1966

I can help you with the photo and who is in it.

Firstly, the photo was taken in 1960 when Freneau started playing in the local schoolboy Rugby League competition,  We had two teams in the competition and this photo is a combination of the two teams. Teams in those days were by weight.  The older team was the 6 stone 6 pound team.  I can’t remember what weight the younger team was.  Believe it or not, we actually had to be weighed in by the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League.

I should say the senior team wasn't very good.  We only won two games and they were over Toowoomba North State School and Toowoomba South State School.  We were actually astonished when we won.

As far as the photo is concerned going from left to right Back Row: Laurie Hughes, Tom Duff, Gary Hughes, Clem Brunner, Paul Duane, Roger Carrigan, Unknown

Middle row: Coleman (Don’t remember him)
Michael O'Grady?  I don't remember a Michael O'Grady at Freneau although there was one in my year at Downlands.  I thought it might be a fellow called Darryl McNamara who was at Freneau and went onto Downlands.
Andrew Maguire
Gerard Smith
Pat Pobar
Toby O Brien

Front Row Laurie Carmody, David Marchant,  Unknown, Unknown and Unknown.

The sad part is I remember so many faces, but can’t remember the names.

Gary Hughes was an extraordinary footballer and was selected in the Toowoomba 6st 6lbs team for the Queensland carnival that year.  Unfortunately he couldn't play in it as he was from a property out west and the carnival was on during the school holidays.  I don't know what became of him.  He didn't go on to Downlands, although a couple of his brothers did.

Andrew Maguire and I went on to Downlands and have been friends all our lives and still see each other regularly.  I still see Paul Duane and Roger Carrigan at get togethers from our year at Downlands.  We have more and more of these as we get older and more of us retire.  I also see your brother Brian at these.

Hope this helps.

Gerard Smith"

Freneau Park PP

Back Row:

Andy McGuire

Middle Row:

Unknown, Alan Harris, Unknown, Tom Duff.

Front Row:

Trevor McGovern, Michael Pobar, Patrick Pobar, Laurie Hughes.

"Here is another photo for you. Some one may recognize some one. It was taken 1958/1959. bottom row left to right. Trevor Mc Govern. Michael Pobar . Patrick Pobar . Laurie Hughes I think. Back row by him self Skinnie McGuire middle row the only one I can remember is P (Tom) Duff he is on the far right.

Regards Pat."

Patrick Pobar

Further Information from Bill McCormack 1955-59.

"Hi Peter 

In the photo submitted by Pat Pobar of  Trev McGovern Pat Pobar with Pat Mick etc  in the front row with Andy Maguire on his own at the back,  the bloke second from left in the middle row is almost certainly Alan Harris.  He came from Dulacca? Wondoan? maybe. 

I think Pat’s ‘P Duff’ is of course Tom. 

I didn’t come to the reunion as Freneau is something of a nightmare for me as it was for others I know.  I did go to the first reunion at Michael Caffery’s place.  It is good to see some of the old names and I did give Gary Hughes a ring.  I hadn’t spoken to him since 1959! 

Funnily enough I thought our coach was Len Brunner but after checking Len was his son who helped out and I think eventually played for Wynnum Manly. 

All the best 

Bill McCormack 1955-59"



Information provided by Marilyn Hughes

"Hi Peter,

My husband Garry Hughes, along with his brothers, Joseph, Laurie (dec.2005) and younger brother Tom all attended Freneau Park.

Garry from about 1955 through to the early 60’s.  He and I have been looking at the Photos you and others have sent and he thinks he can name some of these in the Rugby Photo.

In the front row second from the right hand end is Leonard Morrison and he thinks Michael Pobar is at the righthand end of the front row. The end of the back row he thinks is either Greg McKenna or Michael Kelly. The back row left hand end the Hughes is Laurie then Duff then Garry. He is busy right now or he would be here still looking. He is going to look again at the other photo and he can name a few of the boys in it as well. It is he that is in the photo in front not Laurie.

Gary Hughes with Cup

Garry Hughes holding the cup for Physical Education in 1959 at Freneau Park.

I have a certificate that Garry won and the photo of him holding the cup for Physical Education in 1959.

Garry Hughes Physical Edecation Cup 1959

This is the Graham Borrow Honour Certificate awarded to Garry Hughes for Physical Education in 1959 at Freneau Park.

A photo of the four Hughes brothers in full uniform and will look out for more if I can find them.

Hughes Family Freneau Park

Joseph, Garry, Laurie and Tom Hughes in full Freneau Park uniform.

We have moved so many times I don’t know where everything is stored. We live now in Chinchilla on a block about 30k from town.  He has very vivid memories of his time there as he was a senior boy and had charge of several of the newly arrived little ones and can remember having to chase one of them down and bring him back to the school.

The big macadamia tree he remembers burying the nuts till they ripened and helping herd the cows and the garden. He also remembers the winters and even now will not travel to Toowoomba even on Christmas day without a coat! lol. He also remembers your brother being the one that fainted at the sight of the needle when vaccination time came around. (Is that right)

He remembers chasing Tom Duff along a path between two buildings and Tom running with his head down didn’t see the Nun coming the other way and he hit her midriff height and sent her flying. They both got six of the best for that. Most of his memories are good ones, but as he was so involved in sport maybe time just flew. He remembers going to Brisbane in Vince Gairs big black car as the boys used to be friends with the Gair brothers and spent several holiday times with them.

Garry can be contacted by phone 0428337826 or at this email address.

Hope the photos and this email have helped.


Marilyn Hughes"

This Newspaper Clipping from 1955 has just been received from Marilyn Hughes.

Soot and the Fairies

"Hi Peter,
 I found this newspaper clipping of Laurie Hughes (dresses as Rosebud) and
Tom Duff (dressed as Clover) in the 1955 end of year concert. The performance is the Cantata "Soot and the Fairies" held at The City Hall in
Toowoomba, for Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College.
Aren't they delightful!!
Marilyn Hughes"



Brian Fennelly with the Banner - Click for a Larger Image

Brian Fennelly Freneau 1948/1949 Note spelling of Freneau! Also spelt that way in an advertisment by the school.

Freneau Park College Add

Brian Fennelly - Downlands 1950 to 1953 - Sub-Scholarship to Junior Examinations

Clive Berghofer

The land of Freneau Park was developed by Clive Berghofer into a housing estate.

Clive is a major land owner in Toowoomba and a former Queensland parliamentarian and was the mayor of Toowoomba for 11 years until 1992.


Freneau Park Report Card 01 Freneau Park Report Card 02

John Fitzgerald Report Card 1949

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